BellMe Wireless Calling System


The BellMe Wireless Spa Paging System gives dynamic, discreet and instant communication, allowing you to respond quickly to clients’ concerns as they arise, making their visit an unforgettable experience. Best of all, enhanced communication and co-ordination between staff means faster response time and customer satisfaction.

The waterproof call button can be mounted in bathrooms, saunas, and massage rooms where clients need assistance from staff or when hey are ready for the therapist. The wrist watch receiver can be worn by staff members and management. After the client presses the call button, both the Wrist watch receiver and the display monitor will display the room number of the client requiring assistance.

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  • Clients can be attended to on time
  • Clients can inform therapists when they ready
  • Spending less time running around
  • More time in front of clients
  • Easy to use
  • Improves efficiency
  • Improves customer service
  • Improves staff communication


Uses for BellMe Wireless Paging System

USE 1 : Reception to Therapist

USE 2 : Client to Therapist


USE 1 : Reception to Therapist

When the receptionist needs the attention of a therapist, they simply press the call button, notifying the staff member via a wrist watch receiver.

  • Wireless Call Button, Wrist Watch Receiver

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USE 2 : Client to Therapist

When a client is ready for their treatment or massage, they simply press the call button, notifying the therapist via a wrist watch receiver or a display monitor.

  • Wireless Call Button, Wrist Watch Receiver, Display Monitor

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Optional Extras

  • USB Computer Receiver to monitor staff response time
  • LED Lights above room doors
  • Wireless Signal Boosters to boost transmission signal

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