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A look into who we are, what we value, and how that can help you

How can we Help You?

BellMe was established in 2012 by Ushir Shah in his search for a solution to simplify the way various industries receive notifications of when their customers or clients require assistance. His aim was to increase the reaction time of staff in the case of emergencies by introducing a wireless nurse call system to retirement homes and hospitals.

Where did it Start?

Villa Sunfield in Durban North was BellMe’s very first client and to this day, they are still making use of the system we installed in 2012.
Since then we have supplied many big clients such as Clicks, Dis-chem, Akeso Psychiatric Hospitals and many more.

Our Values


Ensuring our team is always happy, motivated and inspired to come to work creates an amazing energy and environment to work in and thus ensuring that energy is passed onto you.


Ensuring you receive the best value in terms of product and service by making sure all agents and staff are properly trained and all equipment is thoroughly tested before being dispatched.


Our extensive warranty indicates trust in our product. We call on you to hold us accountable for this just as we do ourselves and our team for providing excellent customer service.

Why Choose Us?

Get your individually customized solution to fit your requirements so that patients or residents can instantly get the attention of the nurse or caregiver with the simple press of a nurse call button, allowing peace of mind to the resident, their loved ones and your staff – all while ensuring accountability.

Move Freely

Residents are able to move around freely within the property and keep their nurse Call button close at hand by wearing it on a Lanyard like a call button necklace to press at any time, allowing not only themselves but also the staff to move around more freely.


Never fear when BellMe is near. Remote support is always available via AnyDesk and if you need someone to talk to we are available via telephone, email and WhatsApp so that you always have someone to count on.

5 - Year Warranty

Rest assured that our wireless nurse call systems are durable and reliable with a 5 - year warranty on our Single Key Call Buttons.

Once-Off Purchase

You are not bound by any monthly fee as all purchases are once-off and the nurse call system belongs to you.

Some of our Clients

See some of the many clients that enjoys the benefits of our wireless nurse call system and become one of them


See and hear what some of our clients have to say about why they chose BellMe and how it helped them

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Constance S. Cele - Nursing Service Manager - Villa Sunfield

What would happen if you didn’t have BellMe?
They would’ve died definitely because when they fall sometimes, for instance, we have some blind people around here whom they are far away from the nurse’s station so if we didn’t have a bell we wouldn’t get to them in time. So obviously we would find there is a major problem there.

How many lives has it saved?
It has saved a lot of lives. For every nursing home they should have this. It’s definitely a life saver. They rely on this bell so much that they don’t want to part with it. If they don’t have the bell: “I’m going to die”. Honestly that’s how they feel. If they don’t have this bell on their neck to them they are dead. If anything happens to them they won’t be able to ring the bell and they can’t scream nobody is going to hear them so obviously they are going to die.

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Matron - Serene Park Retirement Centre

How has the system helped you guys here at Serene Park?
The system is very very very helpful because when it rings you can see the letters very well, they are big and clear and the sound is very very clear. Even if you are far, you can hear it and it rings until you come and stop it and then you can go to the resident and help them.

Have you had any problems with the system?
There are no problems at all because there is no way that you can miss it. There is no way you can miss it and we advised the resident to check the batteries now and then so that they must not sit with a panic button with a battery that is not working.

So BellMe really helped you guys here at Serene park?
It helps us a lot, it helps us a lot. We advise them to wear it around their neck so that anywhere they fall, in the bathroom or anywhere, if they got that accident they can just press the button and there is no way that we can miss it.

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