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panic button system

Panic Button System

Having a reliable panic button system in place at home, will undoubtedly give a peace of mind to caregivers. It is basically a little device to carry around, which emits a signal to a synced nearby device, as a request for assistance. This type of system will be ideal for the elderly or people in …

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Wireless Call System

No matter the industry you’re in, communication between you and your customers is always important. You have to impress to the customer that they are your first priority. Communication can be made easy with wireless call systems. In this article, the following will be covered: What are wireless call systems? In which industries can wireless …

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Paging Systems

Communication is vital in every industry. While communication via telephone and email is very useful, various industries are always striving for better communication with their clients. Customers too are delighted when new ways of communication with their favourite restaurants, supermarkets or any other industries come about. That’s why we are introducing paging systems for various …

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Emergency Pager System

Every doctor’s room, hospital, retirement home or retirement village must be equipped with an emergency pager system. Emergency pager systems consist of call buttons that patients must have access to, as well as receivers such as display monitors; LED lights and wrist watch receivers that are placed in doctor’s rooms and nursing stations. In this …

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