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panic button system

Panic Button System

panic button system

Having a reliable panic button system in place at home, will undoubtedly give a peace of mind to caregivers. It is basically a little device to carry around, which emits a signal to a synced nearby device, as a request for assistance. This type of system will be ideal for the elderly or people in recovery. For home care, a panic button system is the future. Technology is making it so easy to communicate. It is up to us to take advantage of this and elevate our quality of life.

People recovering from illness or an accident will be able to use a panic button system as part of their recovery process. Recovery does proceed faster when one is in a familiar environment. Having the panic button in place allows for patients to leave the hospital once all red flags have been cleared and continue their recovery in familiar terrain. With the device always within reach, there is no need to do anything strenuous to get the attention of the caregiver, risking even more damage to the body. The device will allow for patients who are a bit further along in their recovery to be able to move more freely without having that constant presence of a caregiver. It gives a jump start to get back to normal while resting assured that help is just the press of a button away.

The elderly are a demographic where a panic button system is very useful. Even with an advanced age, people still like to hold on to their independence. This is taken away when caregivers are constantly around you, always fussing about. Having access to a panic button system eliminates this and gives back the sense of freedom, yet still instilling a safety net vibe.

panic button system

How does the panic button system work?

It is a basic transmitter and receiver technology that is entirely wireless. The patient or elderly person in question will be given their very own call button. This compact device is easily carried around. Attach it to a lanyard so that it is even more accessible. No need to go searching through pockets or bags when help is most needed. The caregiver will have a wrist device, sort of like a watch. They can go about with their own stuff, yet still be able to offer their assistance whenever they receive an alert on their call button. A panic call button is there to get help from someone who is always around. Its range is not for outside help. Its purpose is to provide a means of communication between the patient/elderly person and caregiver.

The best panic button system will not be the one which has multiple features complicating the task of a simple request. When it comes to a panic button system, it is best to stick to simplicity. The catch factor though, is to not skimp on quality. The BellMe panic button system has been designed with just this purpose in mind. We have focused on the quality and long life service of the device rather than loading it with a whole lot of added features. Ideally, what you would want in a situation when you are at your most vulnerable is ease of use. This would not be the time to have to go through a mindless list of options. With the BellMe panic call button, pressing the device can be done without even looking at it.

What are the benefits of the BellMe panic button system?

BellMe has gained a reputation of quality devices, friendly service and superb after sales care. In regard to the last factor, this is something that must be catered for, in a panic button system. A panic button system will last you a long time. The key to ensuring consistency is keeping up to date with maintenance. panic button system

The most important benefit of the system is that a caregiver will be able to respond at once, upon getting the signal on their call button. When caring for someone, immediacy is a welcome asset in receiving help, yet there is also that underlying relief that a faster response time may allow you to save the person’s life. This could be because you would have an immediate knowledge of a health problem and get them medical attention much faster. In events like this, it truly does boil down to minutes, for life saving tactics.

Getting the attention of the caregiver is done in a discreet manner. Shouting for help can be seen as demanding and there is the possibility of not being heard, leading to a long wait for any sort of help. There is also the issue of bringing attention to yourself by screaming and disturbing other members of the household. Many people will put off asking for help if this is the case. This is not an issue when a panic call button is used. Nobody even needs to know you have pressed the button for help.

The BellMe panic button system comes with a signal booster device which will extend the signal of the panic button so even if the property is large, the caregiver will still receive the alert.

panic button system A panic button system can be installed not just with the one call button and watch receiver device. If there are multiple patients or caregivers, then this can also be accommodated. With the wireless route, additional devices can effortlessly be added to a home’s panic button system. Installation, for that matter, is just as simple. Our technicians are able to complete this much faster since no building work need be done to accommodate wiring or large scale equipment. Relying solely on technology, both installation and future maintenance is a breeze.

With setup being done faster and no need for excess wiring in a drawn out process of installation, putting up a wireless panic button system really has become the cost effective route. As with most things, the pricing is the first factor looked at before investing. In this case, the BellMe panic button system is an affordable solution to having hospital grade equipment right there in your very home. BellMe has made it possible for everyday folk to be able to enjoy the benefits of this system.