BellMe Wireless Calling System

Thami – Easy Way Driving School

Thami Audio Testimonial:

“The bell systems are very good so far. I have been using it since 2012, that’s when I bought the first system. I’m using it for my driving school, where the instructor is able to notify the receptionist when he is available. The instructor just rings the bell and then the learner is able to go out quicker to the car in time, that way we avoid wasting a lot of time with the vehicle being idle. So yes, it saves a lot of petrol, it saves a lot of time during the day. So far I am happy with it, I have bought up to five systems so far if I’m not mistaken and all of them have never given me a problem at all, so far I’m happy. There are no other improvements I have got to think about right now.” – Thami Sibanda