BellMe Wireless Calling System

Providing you with Panic Buttons for the Elderly since 2012

Allowing elderly to instantly get the attention of the caregiver or home nurse with the simple press of a wireless nurse call panic button

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Emergency Panic Button System for the Elderly Benefits

Enjoy these and many more amazing benefits with the BellMe Panic Button system for the Elderly

Don't be left unattended

Easily call for help if you fall down without having to shout. You no longer have to spend hours on the floor unattended. Simply press your call button to instantly get the attention of your caregiver.

Easy & soft to press for a quicker alert

BellMe buttons have a large, soft rubber press area, allowing you to get help faster. The press area is also slightly indented to prevent accidental press.

Use in the shower freely

The BellMe panic buttons are 100% Waterproof. Take a shower with peace of mind, knowing you can press your button if you need help for an instant alert to be sent to your caregiver.

Ready to Use “Plug & Play”, No-hassle setup

Wireless panic buttons that arrive with the battery inserted already. No cabling or wires are needed. Receive your system pre-programmed and tested, allowing you to start using it right away.

Increased response time from caregiver

With the use of the BellMe call buttons and receivers the time it takes your caregiver to respond to a call for help is much faster. Your caregiver is instantly alerted when you press your call button.


The BellMe panic button and receiver is very user-friendly and easy to use. You don’t have to learn a new system or application just to call for help. Simply press the call button to instantly get the attention of your caregiver.

Know when your loved one is in an emergency

Instantly receive their call for help when they press their panic button. This prevents them from spending stressful hours on the floor shouting for help.

Had an opp, are confined to a bed or frail?

Easily call your caregiver if you can’t move or are in pain. Press the call button to have your caregiver attend to you.

Need your meds?

Get the attention of your caregiver to tend to your needs. Save your voice and press a button for assistance.

Don't leave the elderly having to shout for help for every need they may have

By providing them with a panic button, you give them the ability to easily call for help without having to shout and strain their voice if they need assistance. Be it that they need to go to the loo, take medication, or have their pillow fluffed - give them a BellMe Call Button to instantly get the attention of their caregiver.

Let the elderly be treated with dignity

Can you imagine how it must feel to not be able to go to the loo when you need it and end up wetting your bed. Then to make it worse, you can’t even move or get out of your own mess. You have to lay there in it until someone happens to come check on you or you spend hours calling for someone but they don’t hear you. Surely you don’t want your loved ones to go through this. Provide them with a call button so that they can easily and instantly get the attention of their caregiver to assist them when they need it.


Enjoy these and many more amazing features with the BellMe Panic Button for the Elderly System:

Move Freely

Your loved one or elderly are able to move around freely between their Bedroom, the Garden, Lounge or Bathroom and keep their Call button necklace close at hand by wearing it on a Lanyard to press at any time.

Peace of Mind

Cover your more accident prone locations such as toilets, bathrooms and showers with 100% waterproof buttons, giving your loved one or elderly, yourself and your caregiver or home nurse peace of mind knowing that a call for help is always right there.

No Internet

You need not rely on any internet connection in order to enjoy the BellMe Emergency Panic Button for the Elderly System as it works via a Radio Frequency and does not require or interfere with your internet at all.


The buttons make use of batteries thus there is no stress and drama of installing wires all over the property and running the risk of experiencing electrical faults without knowing it.

Once-off Purchase

There are no monthly fees involved in having this panic button for the elderly. You only have one full payment upfront and the system belongs to you.


Keep your caregiver or home nurse accountable by making use of the easy extraction of calling information history into an excel spreadsheet for record-keeping.


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How BellMe works

Your loved one will have a Nurse Call Panic Button that is 100% waterproof and can be mounted on any flat surface or worn on a lanyard like a call button necklace.

When they need the assistance of the caregiver or home nurse, they simply press the nurse call panic button (which is very easy to notice and press even with limited mobility).

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The caregiver or home nurse receiving the alert needs to be on the same property or in range.

Your caregiver then receives the panic alert via a variety of receivers such as a wristwatch that they can wear on a Lanyard or on their arm, or an LED over door Light that is mounted, or a Display Panel mounted, indicating that assistance is needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

BellMe Panic Button for the Elderly Systems are a once-off purchase and does not tie you into a contract with monthly fees. Once you have purchased the system and full payment has been received, the system belongs to you.

The BellMe Panic Button for the Elderly system sends an alert to your chosen receiver on the same property wirelessly, via radio frequency, and unfortunately does not link to emergency services.

The BellMe Panic Button for the Elderly system does not make use of intercoms as this requires wiring and sometimes end up being more of a hassle than what it is worth. Please speak to a consultant for options available to allow two-way communication via our cameras that work with Wi-Fi.

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