BellMe Wireless Calling System

B-128E Display Panel

Waiters no longer have to hover around tables and make customers feel uncomfortable. It has never been easier for your customers to call for their waiter when needed!

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How you can improve on your service delivery overnight.

Having a night out and enjoying a meal at a restaurant is meant to be a fun and relaxing experience that any Restaurant wishes upon their customers.

Having your establishment equipped with a wireless waiter calling system is sure to bring you more satisfied customers that will come back again. 

Waiters no longer have to hover around tables and make customers feel uncomfortable. It has never been easier for your customers to call for their waiter when needed!

Table to Waiter Solution:

Need a new order or drink?

Press a button: Should the table need something from the waiter in terms of ordering or commenting, they press “Call”.

Need the bill?:

If the table simply wants to let the waiter know that they are ready to receive their bill, they press “Bill”.

Changed your mind?

The “Cancel” can be pressed if the table has changed their mind and no longer need the assistance of the waiter.


The waiter will receive the alert instantly via a wristwatch that they wear on their wrist or on a lanyard. The watch will indicate which table number has pressed for assistance and also which service type they require between “Call” and “Bill”.

Or a Display Screen

Alternatively or additionally, you can also have a Display Panel mounted in the area where waiters will always be able to view it.

Track Response Time

You also have an option to track the response time – this can be done using our software that indicates when a button is pressed and how long it took a waiter to respond to the patron. These reports can also be extracted to an excel spreadsheet for record-keeping. (For this option you need to have the display panel with our USB receiver)

Install this Call Button with a large, soft-press area and an attached Pull Cord for your patients/residents to easily call for help when they need it most.

A few benefits worth mentioning:

  1. Easy & Clear to Read
    • Large display area for easy reading
    • Use up to 3 Calls can show at the same time
    • 7 ringtones to choose from
    • Differentiate between service types with indicator lights
  2. Easy self-installation
    • The Display Panel is easily mounted at the nurse’s station
    • No cables or wires needed from the buttons to the screen
    • The alerts from customers are received wirelessly via radio frequency
  3. Hassle-free “plug & play” setup
    • Receive the display panel ready to use
    • Already programmed and tested
  4. Network independent
    • Works via Radio Frequency
    • Wi-Fi is not needed or interfered with
    • The display panel works independently from any network coverage
  5. Cost-effective
    • Purchase the display panel once-off
    • There are R0.00 monthly/yearly fees
    • Keep your monthly budget untouched while giving great service
  6. 2-Year warranty
    • Providing comfort with a durable display panel
    • Ensuring a reliable, long-lasting solution

What you get:

  • 1 x B-128E Display Panel
  • 1 x 12V Power Supply

Technical information:

  • Capacity: 256 Transmitters
  • Range: 100-150m
  • Radio Frequency: 433.92MHz
  • Working Voltage: DC12V
  • Dimensions: 535 x 158 x 40mm.
  • Warranty: 2-Years

Recommended products that can be used with this call button:

  • Works with all BellMe Call & Cancel Buttons
  • LED Light Receiver
  • Wristwatch Receiver
  • Signal Repeater


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